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Hooray Reality was a blog I wrote for a few years.

Most of the pages had no reason to live on. I've kept only the most-visited post. Here it is:




I Want a REAL Ingredient List on Food Packaging.



I just grabbed my bottle of Swad Onion Chutney and what the... what is Red #3?



Okay I looked it up, it's some sort of dye. But our labels should tell us more! How about:



But that could be anything? What's in it?



Oh no no, you can't fool me with your mystical science runes!
Try again.



Now we're getting somewhere.
But all those atoms or whatever, that's still not the true ingredients!



Keep it coming...



Now THAT is what I call honest ingredient labeling!
FDA, I demand no less.


...So tell me, these "quarks," are they toxic?




fwiw, erythrosine's safety is questioned by some.

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